Joshua Spieker Art

  Paintings created Between 2012-2024

Investing in an oil painting is an unparalleled opportunity to own a piece of timeless artistry that transcends mere decoration. These masterpieces are crafted with meticulous skill and passion, capturing the essence of the artist’s vision in every brushstroke. The use of high-quality materials ensures longevity, making it a generational treasure to be passed down. Beyond aesthetics, owning an expensive oil painting is a statement of appreciation for the artist’s expertise, contributing to the legacy of fine art. It adds a touch of sophistication to any space, becoming a focal point that sparks conversation and admiration. In essence, acquiring an expensive oil painting is not just a purchase; it’s an investment in cultural richness, aesthetic pleasure, and a connection to the profound world of art.


Yosemite Majesty: Capturing the Cascade in an Oil Symphony
8’x16′ feet
Oil On Hand-Built Linen Canvas
Painted 2020-2024

“Behold the breathtaking allure of ‘Yosemite Majesty,’ an oil painting that encapsulates the awe-inspiring beauty of the iconic Yosemite Falls. With skillful brushstrokes, the cascading waters come to life, capturing the sheer power and graceful descent. The play of light on the rugged rocks and the verdant surroundings adds depth and texture, immersing the viewer in the pristine wilderness. This masterpiece not only celebrates the grandeur of nature but also invites you to experience the timeless majesty of Yosemite in a symphony of colors and strokes that echo the very essence of this natural wonder.”
Oil On Panel Board
Painted 2018

“Step into the enchanting world of ‘Elegance Unveiled,’ a captivating oil painting that immortalizes the timeless moment of a bride’s arrival at a majestic chateau. The canvas comes alive with the delicate brushstrokes that capture the ethereal beauty of the bride, her gown billowing in the gentle breeze as she approaches the grandeur of the chateau. The play of soft light against the intricate details of the architecture creates a scene of poetic romance. Each stroke narrates the anticipation, grace, and the promise of a new chapter as the bride embarks on her journey within the splendid embrace of the chateau’s opulent surroundings. ‘Elegance Unveiled’ is a visual poem, inviting you to relive the magic of a bride’s entrance into a world of timeless love and sophistication.”


Summer in the South of France
Oil On Hand-Built Linen Canvas
Painted 2022 
There is a special feeling and experience when visiting the south of France in Summer. I remember waking up to a  gentle warm breeze and the sound of the quaint village bell in the morning. Halli and I were fast to the local bakery for the fresh pastries, especially the chocolate croissants.
This is a study I did from a Claude Monet painting in attempts to learn and use his techniques in my own work.
Gentleman’s Essence
Oil On Panel Board
Painted 2018

“Introducing ‘Gentleman’s Essence,’ a portrait painting that captures the timeless allure of a man in a refined suit. The canvas is a symphony of sophistication, with each brushstroke detailing the impeccable tailoring and distinguished presence of the subject. The play of light accentuates the subtle nuances, from the crisp lines of the suit to the nuanced expressions that reflect a blend of confidence and grace. ‘Gentleman’s Essence’ invites you to admire the timeless elegance and character embodied in this portrait, where every stroke tells a story of refinement and unwavering style.”

Harmony Illuminated
Oil On Panel Board
Painted 2018

“Immerse yourself in the poetic ambiance of ‘Harmony Illuminated,’ a captivating painting that captures the delicate dance between a candle opera and a profusion of blooming flowers. The flickering flames cast a warm, golden glow, casting a gentle light upon the vibrant petals and verdant leaves. The composition evokes a sense of tranquility, as the candlelight and flowers harmonize to create a tableau of quiet beauty. ‘Harmony Illuminated’ is a celebration of the subtle interplay between light and nature, inviting you to bask in the serenity of this enchanting moment frozen in time.”
Man In Blue
Oil On Panel Board
Painted 2020

“Behold ‘Man In Blue,’ a portrait capturing the timeless sophistication of a man in a meticulously tailored blue suit. The rich hue exudes confidence against a muted backdrop, creating a focal point of understated yet powerful elegance. This painting is a celebration of classic charm and modern grace, where every stroke narrates a story of refined style.”
Moon-Glow in the countryside
Oil On Panel Board
Painted 2019

“Enter the enchanting world of ‘Moon Glow in the Countryside,’ a painting that bathes the rural landscape in the ethereal radiance of moonlight. The canvas comes alive with soft, silvery hues, casting a gentle glow on rolling hills and tranquil meadows. Shadows dance in harmony with the moon’s serene light, creating a scene of quiet beauty and magical serenity. ‘Moon Glow in the Countryside’ invites you to immerse yourself in the tranquil embrace of nature, where each brushstroke captures the timeless allure of moonlit nights in the idyllic countryside.”

Lake Louise
5  1/2ft x 7 1/2ft
Oil On Canvas
Painted 2018-2019

“Embark on a visual journey with ‘Lake Louise,’ an enchanting oil painting that unveils the iconic Canadian gem. The canvas showcases the mesmerizing turquoise waters embraced by towering mountains and lush evergreen forests. As sunlight dances on the lake’s surface, a touch of shimmering magic fills the air. To complete the scene, bears grace the foreground, adding a touch of wilderness to this harmonious composition. ‘Lake Louise’ is a captivating symphony, inviting you to immerse yourself in the serene tranquility and breathtaking beauty of this natural wonder, where bears and nature coexist in perfect harmony.”

Into Eden
5ft x8ft
Oil On Linen
Painted 2020-2021 
Into Eden is about the beauty of gardens. Its a very green painting and I enjoyed using an array of different green earth pigments to make it come to life. I included some fruit trees that I grew up eating in my parents backyard such as an Orange tree and a Loquat tree. The lushness makes you wander beyond it’s stonewall entry.
“Embark on a visual odyssey with ‘Into Eden,’ an enchanting oil painting that invites you into the mythical Garden of Eden. The canvas unveils a lush paradise where vibrant flora creates a tapestry of natural splendor. Soft hues dance across the scene, capturing the timeless allure of this idyllic haven. ‘Into Eden’ is a visual escape, inviting you to wander through the serenity of a place where beauty knows no bounds, and the spirit of Eden is immortalized in every stroke of oil on canvas.”
7ft x 7ft
Oil On Linen
Painted 2020-2021 (6months)
My love for European architecture and design plays a significant role in my painting. I feel most inspired by many of the great artists who anchored the traditional rich oil painting methods and techniques. 

The grandeur of chateaus and pristine gardens are breathtaking. I wanted to capture the mood between dusk and nighttime just as the chateau begins to light up.

Napali Wild
7ft x 9ft
Oil On Linen
Painted 2020-2021 (6months)
My wife Halli, baby Norah and I had visited the beautiful Napali coastline by boat on the island of Kauai. I felt so inspired by the huge cliffs that stretch far into the clouds. When we had visited it was a very calm day, however our guide had told us that the swells in the winter can reach upwards of 100 + feet and I could only imagine the power and enormity of the crashing waves. 
I sourced many blue pigments to capture the majestic presence and richness of the heaven-like ocean color surrounding this great Island.
The Giant Forest
5.4ft x 13.7ft
Oil On Canvas
Painted 2020-2021 (6months)
I spent six months on a ladder capturing the giant forest! These magnificent giants take your breathe away! I took a last minute trip before baby Norah to visit the park as well study and capture reference material. I grabbed some moss, bark and other foliage to help bring the painting together!  
Evening At Big Ben 
24″x30″ Oil On Canvas

The nostalgia of Big Ben has always captured my eye. There is something unique I love about the architecture as well the setting on the river. I enjoyed painting in a dramatic mood, Capturing the setting sun in a place it doesn’t normally set and add in the passing steam boats

Jesus and The Road to the Campagna
3’x7′ Oil On Canvas

I remember standing in the museum seeing this landscape of this scene from the great artist Thomas Moran. I decided to put my take on it by making it much larger and adding in the scene of the tomb.

Yosemite Sunset
36″x48″ Oil On Canvas
Perhaps my favorite part of Yosemite is the quiet valley floor. Its so peaceful and tranquil with the Merced River murmuring over round river rocks and when you look up, well that is just something you have to see with your eyes. No painting could be big enough to capture Yosemite’s glory. I tried.
The Edge of Hope
24″x30″ Oil On Canvas
The Edge of Hope could tell a thousand stories of how hope leads us to a greater strength and even greater victory’s.
24″x30″ Oil On Canvas
“Behold the profound beauty of ‘Redeemed,’ an oil painting that captures the essence of spiritual solace. The canvas depicts a silhouette cross atop a majestic mountain, standing tall against the canvas of a vibrant, colorful sunset. The radiant hues of yellow evoke a sense of hope and renewal, creating a powerful visual narrative of redemption and serenity. ‘Redeemed’ is a testament to the interplay of light and faith, inviting you to immerse yourself in the tranquil majesty of this symbolic masterpiece.”