Painted Between 2012-2020

The Giant Forest
5.4ft x 13.7ft
Oil On Canvas
Painted 2020-2021 (6months)
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I spent six months on a ladder capturing the giant forest! These magnificent giants take your breathe away! I took a last minute trip before baby Norah to visit the park as well study and capture reference material. I grabbed some moss, bark and other foliage to help bring the painting together! 

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Evening At Big Ben 
24″x30″ Oil On Canvas


The nostalgia of Big Ben has always captured my eye. There is something unique I love about the architecture as well the setting on the river. I enjoyed painting in a dramatic mood, Capturing the setting sun in a place it doesn’t normally set and add in the passing steam boats

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Fenway Park  
24″x36″ Acrylic On Panel

I grew up with brothers who loved the Boston Red Socks and that was the time I witnessed the green MONSTER. All the green and old time look made for a great Baseball park to                                    capture.

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Yosemite Valley
24″x24″ Acrylic On panel
Visiting and painting Yosemite continues and will be a yearly tradition. My Wife Halli and I especially enjoy visiting Yosemite in winter when its quiet and snow is falling.

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Disneyland 60th Anniversary 24″x30″ Oil On Canvas
Sleeping Beauty Castle has such an inviting and incredible ambience when visiting the park. The landscape is pristine connecting the different lands seamlessly. This painting really was crafted from the feeling and experience I had as a young kid.

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Fantasy Land
36″x40″ Oil On Canvas
This painting is all about my imagination growing up watching old Disney Classic animations. You will find some of my favorite movies incorporated in this painting. my favorite part was creating the quaint village nestled in the valley.

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Entering The Giant Forest  36″x48″ Oil On Canvas
The feeling you get when you enter into the giant forest is unmatched. The Grandeur overwhelms your senses. I have enjoyed visiting the Sequoias with my family and I can’t wait to have more kids to share in the excitement and wonder of this beautiful place.

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Yosemite Sunset
36″x48″ Oil On Canvas
Perhaps my favorite part of Yosemite is the quiet valley floor. Its so peaceful and tranquil with the Merced River murmuring over round river rocks and when you look up, well that is just something you have to see with your eyes. No painting could be big enough to capture Yosemite’s glory. I tried.

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Yosemite Falls

I remember hiking Yosemite Falls in winter the day after thanksgiving. My brothers and sisters reached the icy top of the falls where we gazed over the nearly 2,000ft drop off. The air was so cold that the water that was falling from the falls turned to snow.

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Beyond The Horizon
6ft”x 8ft”
Oil On Panel
There is something so special about the ocean. Maybe because its expanse covers most the earth and is just so vast. Traveling by ship would have been so rigorous back in the day. I wonder how it felt to arrive at your destination without being swallowed by its deep and stormy waters.

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Minley Manor 
24″x36″ Oil On Canvas
I am bound to live in a chateau one day. I plan to build my own one day with my wife Halli who shares the same love for European architecture. We like to imagine how fun it would be to host a nice evening with our family’s.

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Biltmore Estate
36″x48″ Oil On Panel
I just love the look of the estate. Its Considered the largest home in the US. i re-imagined the foreground with a romantic winter setting.

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