Official Joshua Spieker Art

The range and richness of the colours that adorn Rolex watch dials are the result of a mixture of high-level physics, exquisite judgement and pure chemistry – all mastered in-house.

At the heart of a Rolex laboratory in Geneva, card-shaped sheets of metal with colourful, rough dabs of lacquer stand out in sharp contrast to the orderly grey and white surroundings: they betray the first attempts to conjure up a new hue for the myriad selection of watch dials.

Although the technician, his spatula and tubes of paint often form the starting point of the search for new colours, these swatches are merely superficial signs of an exacting skill and science. One that demands command of cutting-edge surface physics and chemistry as much as mastery of a palette of paints: a blend of creative flair and, increasingly, space-age technology, where the naked eye nonetheless remains the final judge of what colour may grace a Rolex dial.








Rolex’s special relationship with Roland-Garros as Premium Partner, Official Timekeeper and Official Watch was inaugurated in 2019. Since 1928, the tennis crème de la crème has gathered at this venue in Paris for the second of the four Grand Slam® tournaments – the only one held on clay and whose origins date back to 1891.

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