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Live wedding painter


As you embark on the enchanting journey toward your wedding day, let me introduce a touch of artistic magic that will transform your celebration into an affair to remember — the allure of a live wedding painter.

Here’s why indulging in this delightful experience will add a harmonious blend of elegance and joy to your special day:


  1. Timeless Elegance Unfolding:
    • Picture your love story gracefully coming to life on canvas as I capture the essence of your union.
    • Every brushstroke mirrors the elegance of your celebration, creating a timeless masterpiece to adorn your love story.
  2. Enchanting Entertainment:
    • A live painting becomes a captivating spectacle, drawing your guests into a world where art and celebration intertwine.
    • Revel in the enchantment as the art transforms your wedding day into a mesmerizing visual symphony.
  3. Personalized Artistry, Tailored for You:
    • Immerse yourself in the luxury of personalized art, meticulously crafted to reflect your unique love story.
    • I love to infuse every detail, ensuring your painting becomes a bespoke masterpiece, a true reflection of your distinctive romance.
  4. Delighting Guests with a Memorable Experience:
    • Ignite the curiosity and delight of your guests as they witness the magic the live painting unfolding before their eyes.
    • It’s not just an event; it’s a celebration that leaves an indelible mark on the hearts of all who attend.
  5. An Artful Keepsake of Your Love:
    • Cherish the joy of possessing an artistic memento that encapsulates the essence of your wedding day.
    • Your live wedding painting becomes a cherished heirloom, a radiant symbol of the everlasting love you’ve declared.
  6. Seamless Sophistication, Stress-Free Bliss:
    • Bask in the radiance of your celebration, knowing that I will seamlessly integrate into the tapestry of your wedding day.
    • Enjoy the blissful moments without a worry, as we translate the magic of your day into a seamless work of art.
  7. Share the Elegance:
    • Unleash the elegance on social media as your live painting captivates the digital realm.
    • Your wedding hashtag becomes an online gallery, allowing friends and family to share in the enchanting splendor of your union.

Let me elevate your wedding day with the refined charm and delightful allure of live painting. 

Live Wedding Painter
live wedding painter

My approach to live painting is to create a unique work of art that feels timeless and traditional. I want your painting to feel authentic to your day by capturing architectural  and landscape details.

The overall vision of each painting is to visualize its composition on your wall. More than a live painting, it’s a piece of art that will hang around for generations to come.

A month prior to the event date, I like to schedule a phone call where we can share vision and ideas for the painting. We can talk about important elements that will be incorporated into the scene.

I will arrive 2 hours prior to reception to setup and begin painting.  The painting will come to life throughout the evening for guests to enjoy.

I will take the painting back to my studio where final details and touch ups are completed. After, I will send pictures for your approval and make additional adjustments where needed.

Joshua has performed in front of crowds of thousands of wedding guests from America to Europe. 

If you would like to over deliver to your wedding guests, contact us and let’s get Joshua at your wedding reception!