Joshua Spieker Art


Live Painting FAQ

All of my paintings are done using professional oil paint pigments on linen canvas. I build my own canvases using Belgian Linen from France. I love how the paintings  we see in museums have lasted hundreds of years. I knew right away when I stood in the Louvre Museum that I had to start using the same working techniques of many great artists who’s work has proven to last the test of time.

After bringing your painting back to my studio for final touchups and varnish, I will work on the painting over the course of a couple weeks adding in finishing details. As soon as your satisfied with the painting I will let dry for a week then ship it directly to you! You will usually get your painting 3-5 weeks after the wedding date.

I am typically at your wedding for 4-6hrs including setup 1-2hrs prior.

The frame is for display on the wedding day only for asthetic. Your painting will come ready to hang directly your wall.