Joshua Spieker Art

Live wedding painter


My approach to live painting is to create a unique work of art that feels timeless and traditional. I want your painting to feel authentic to your day by capturing architectural  and landscape details.

The overall vision of each painting is to visualize its composition on your wall. More than a live painting, it’s a piece of art that will hang around for generations to come.

A month prior to the event date, I like to schedule a phone call where we can share vision and ideas for the painting. We can talk about important elements that will be incorporated into the scene.

I will arrive 2 hours prior to reception to setup and begin painting.  The painting will come to life throughout the evening for guests to enjoy.

I will take the painting back to my studio where final details and touch ups are completed. After, I will send pictures for your approval and make additional adjustments where needed.

Joshua has performed in front of crowds of thousands of wedding guests from America to Europe. 

If you would like to over deliver to your wedding guests, contact us and let’s get Joshua at your wedding reception!

Live Wedding Painter
live wedding painter