Joshua Spieker Art



Joshua knew at an early age that painting was his true calling. He dedicated his life to creating art that emphasized beautiful places he wanted to travel and explore. It was during Highschool where he began to draw during class and begin to think about what he was going to paint after school.


While much of Joshua Spieker’s acclaim stemmed from his well-crafted use of realism, Joshua is an artist whose talents spann many genres and artistic styles.  Joshua draws much of his style from european artists, especially those who fill the walls of the Louvre Museum in Paris, France. He is facinated by the smooth rich color and details. 


huge custom giant sequoia oil painting
8N6A0997 scaled

After studying at the Louvre Museum in Paris, France, Joshua began on his journey painting large scale oil paintings. The impact, he said of looking at a huge oil painting takes the viewers breathe away. The grandeur of the size alone inspired him to begin creating. These Oil paintings take hundreds of hrs, and months to years to complete. He is currently working on his next masterpiece, a 16ft x 18ft oil on linen. The painting is so large in fact, he has sewed two pieces of linen together to make one.